How to configure a GPS Locator for Dog and Cat Z8

Short and clear instructions for configuring the GPS Locator for Dog and Cat Z8

Download the e-Tracing Application. The application is available for both Android and IOS phones

Insert the SIM Card into the Device.

The SIM card cannot have a PIN code and must have an active internet package.

We do not recommend cards from the Play network

Hold the power switch for 3 seconds to start the device. Until the lights on the device are displayed.

The device takes a minimum amount of data, so this packet must be minimal. Currently the smallest packages are 1GB per month and that’s enough.

After inserting the SIM card, wait about 30 seconds and go to the next step

Log in to the application:

  • Login: IMEI number
  • Password for the last 6 digits of the IMEI number

After logging in, we see the Locator location. Usually, the location starts after LBS.

The LBS location is the location next to the nearest cellular network transmitter

After you go outside, the device will catch the GPS coverage and automatically turn on the exact GPS location

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