Which TWS wireless headphones to choose? i12, i100, or maybe another model?

TWS headphones what is it?

To begin with, an explanation should be given regarding the TWS abbreviation. What is this all about?

This abbreviation comes from True Wireless Stereo, which is true wireless stereo. The implementation of this technology is based on the development of chip technology. Recently, this abbreviation has become very popular in the naming of wireless headphones with a charging case.

What is the difference between the i7, i12, i100 Headphones, etc.

Recently, many models of Wireless Headphones with a charging case, otherwise known as TWS Headphones, have appeared on the market. In addition to Apple’s AirPods-like models, there are also more and more other models on the market.

I7, i12, i100 models etc.

At the beginning, we will take a closer look at AirPod replacements. There are already at least a dozen models starting with “and”. What are they different from each other apart from the price?

The most important information is that it is not worth paying attention to the model numbering. The i1000 doesn’t have to be better than the i100. The factory in China assigns the name of the model. They have a lot of freedom with it. Additionally, an i12 from one factory won’t always be the same as an i12 from another.

So check the specification of the headphones. We have some of the most important functions and properties that you need to pay attention to:

  • Bluetooth version – Today, most headphones on the market are Bluetooth 5.0 version. Some have an improved Bluetooth 5.0+ EDR module. Of course, there are tons of types of Bluetooth 5.0 chips here too. The one in headphones for PLN 40 will be worse than that for PLN 200.
  • Inductive charging of the charging case – some headphones offer the option of inductive charging.
  • Control in the handset – touch or button
  • Battery capacity – here, unfortunately, not always the bigger the battery, the longer the working time. Some headphones are energy-saving and although they have a smaller battery, they can last longer on a single charge
  • Frequency – here the matter is simple, the larger the range the better
  • Waterproof – here it is also different. I recommend those whose waterproofness is at least IPX5
  • PopUp popup (for devices with IOS) – After connecting to the iPhone, a special window pops up showing the charge status of the batteries in the headphones and the charging case

Other TWS wireless headphones

We also have other TWS headphones on the market. Less known companies or no names at all. Which one to choose?

The rules are the same as for AirPod replacements. We pay attention to the same parameters. There may be a few new ones, such as the ability to charge other devices (the charging case is a Powerbank) or displaying the charge level of the case.

However, here we have the option to choose the design and size of the headphones and housing. Here it all depends on your taste. There are some possibilities on the market, so everyone will find something for themselves.

To sum up

When choosing replacements for TWS Wireless Headphones, it is not worth taking into account the model name. The main thing is to check the product specifications.

The same applies to other TWS headphones, no matter what the “companies” are and what model it is. Also, only the specification and appearance counts.

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